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Thats my eight year old, Grand-Daughters, nick-name, and im her--GRand-Pa

She still loves to get a BRAND--NEW--TOY
And TODAY, i got, her a few, and she shows so much, HAPPINESS--and--JOY

She takes such great care of her every TOY, and keeps them always safe and SOUND
When she is playing with her toys, on the floor on the carpet, all her toys with her--SURROUND

I have never seen a kid, who loved, loved, her each and every toy so, so, MUCH
As my grand-daughter Boohbah, as--SUCH

In school, she got a report card, of each and every--A
So thats why she got THREE--Brand--new--TOYS--TODAY

Earlier tonight, when i left their house, she said to me so --SWEET

Every moment, that i am with my grand-daughters, and they are in my--SIGHT
I ---FEEL---as--- GREAT,--- as ---an ---EAGLE,--- soaring---, in ---FLIGHT

My --grand-daughters, --they --make --me---FEEL

My ---Grand-daughters,--- THEY,--- all ---STAY---right ---here, ---CLOSE--to --my----HEART
The --PURE--LOVE, --of --a ----GRAND--CHILD-----from--a--grand-pa's, --HEART--never--will----DEPART

By john d jungers

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