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Before you TALK, think, and, think, and think, before--a--word--ALOUD--that--YOU---actually--physically---SAY--and--SPEAK
Because the words that you say ALOUD,, can be easily, misinterpetated, misconstrued, and can cause you, stress, turmoil, and strife and make you--feel--sad--and--WEAK

For you can not ALWAYS, SAY, just, EXACTLY, and a matter of FACTLY, what and HoW, you, really --FEEL
So its best, and better to think, and, think, and think, before a single word, aloud you speak or say, because what you feel, to some folks --simply--, they --just --do --not --care,-- and --to--them--its--no --big----DEAL

So ---BEFORE-- you --do--TALK
Think about it first, pause and ponder, hesitate and think about it ,and just take a --WALK

Many --times, --those --who --are --mean--ruthless--, unkind--, and-- -UNCARING
They --dont --even-- have --respect, --care --or --concern, --for --a --person, --who --is --honest--sincere--, generous--, loving,-- -KIND--, and---SHARING

So just know, your audience, and remember who you are speaking to --TOO
Be --wise --cautious, --and --with --some --folks-- be --very--very--very-- careful-- just --exactly,-- and --a --matter --of --factly--just--, what-- you --SAY--and --WHAT--YOU--DO

Some -folks- they --wish-you-ILL-and-they--want- to -make-you -feel,- down --troubled--stressed--distressed--sad--and -WEAK
Be --CAUTIOUS--, WISE--, and --QUIET---PRAY--and--PRAY--and--PRAY-- for --other--FOLKS--and-- a --HIGHER-- road, --and --HIGHER-- power------GOD------ PRAYERFULLY-----SEEK

By john d jungers

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Before you TALK, think, and, think, and, think, --before--YOU--SPEAK