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The best, of Intentions
When an argument occurs, or a falling out, people fail to look at and try to understand, or even care to--entertain, or--MENTION
A person, with the best of intentions, in their heart for--GOOD
Would be kind, caring, considerate, and nice--if they COULD

Those who dont think about or even have any care or concern, about-just to any other what they good or bad, happy or sad--may--SAY
Their intentions are not good, when what they say and do, gives others hurt, confusion, and--DISMAY

The best of intentions, of a person, i think carries alot of weight
A person with good heart intentions would never say or do anything, to any other selfishly, or rudely on purpose to make any other feel, troubled, hurt and --IRATE

With -the -best -of -intentions,- keep -silent ,- stay- quiet -and -STILL
When another hurt you again, with disrespect and neglect--when another intended to put you down, and make you frown, with no boundaries care or concern at their own selfish free--WILL

When another --person--INTENDED, --to straight up, put you down, and make you --FROWN
Well for me, thats it and enough, and im outta here and leaving TOWN, and again im just not so sure when i will return and --AGAIN--be--AROUND

The --disrespect-- hurt-- and --harm, --with --disrespect-- that-- i --received--, to --not --any --other --will --i --even----MENTION

So --for --ME--when-- i --write,-- its --the --SAME--as--i--PRAY
As -now, -thinking -how- i -feel, -hurt- rejected-, lost- and -alone, -with-just- no -place -of -my -OWN-, and- FEELING--troubled--uncomfortable--with--GREAT--DISCOMFORT--and----DISMAY

I --will --give --away, --all --that --I --have --and---OWN
Until, --i --feel, --used --and --abused,-- unappreciated, --taken-- for --granted,-- put --down, --shuned--, disrespected--leaving--me--feeling--more--lost--and--lonely --than--i---ALREADY----AM----and---MORE--unwanted--and---ALONE

By john d jungers

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