lost and then found

Mornings thunder and lightning.

Do you think your slick.
I found a answer yes you do and I feel ticked.
Nay to the trickery it don't work I broke it.
Though everyone knows Jesus has the final decision.
Do you think that I need you when you rebel against everything the lord requires.
Even the stars think the fading of the sun is the end.
Can windows be opened and the voices carry once more.
And the freedom of systems break down when the streets begin to fall in the river.
The lies will be revealed the trauma of what happens is strong but fulfills gods word.
If you snooze you loose but I am not snoozing.
If you fish in the wrong pond the ending still remains the end.
If you label me in the wrong light fatal blows of the aurora strengthen the nights weak flight.
 into mornings thunder and lightning.

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Mornings thunder and lightning.

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