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Its About Waking In The Middle Of The Night And Having To Write It All Down

emotions are literally meant to move
push one out of inertia
experiencing them helps you grow from a child
into an older version of you

and you can't put a doorstop
in front of time

as I grow older
I wonder about those
who'd continually judge
me for having feelings

they can
return to their chilly laboratories
their video games
their factories of distraction
manufacture an entire alternative reality for me
it all would fail to satisfy

I prefer the messiness
of a real world
grim and gritty though it may be
I find beauty in it

there's still plenty of adventure left
in everyday conversation
without using terms coined out of
the urban dictionary

I'm grateful for
my everyday world
even though I'm getting older
and the old sometimes are
considered useless
and take up more than their fair share of
badly needed space
as if they don't offer some utility
as if they have out-lasted their expiration dates

I've written:
and even
stars die
and oh yes they do

just like dreams die because we run out of time
fame and celebrity die
and loved ones die
and even great celestial suns die

death is an unhappy word
there are some who can't form their mouths around it
so they say
things only pass
as if someone's lifetime walked by us
on the street
this all sounds to me to be
too clean and neat
unrooted to reality

death is relative
death is your relative
or your best friend
or I'm hoping it is
just like Einstein's theory
here we go again
death leads to being
recycled onto  
the next merry-go-round of energies

get used to death
it will arrive at your door step

it will strike you
with either a sharp slap or sting
or a jab in your heart
so many emotions
ones you didn't know you even had
or would experience
leaving you hunched over
clutching at your chest
breathless and reeling

couldn't we be kinder
to one another
in the here and now space?

more forgiving of others
but also even more
forgiving of ourselves

if this could happen I'd foresee
generation after the next
of star children being recycled
into bliss

how God would smile and sigh with blessed relief
His dreams accomplished
for us all
then He and We
could have some peace.

( at last,
I feel better
now for it is time for the release
of endless sleep.)

APRIL 8TH 2017

legal copyright again...and
re-edited 12:20pm PST July 22 2018
for precision and clarity
Melissa A Howells /Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

GETTING older isn't for sissies
but the good part of it is
you say what's on your mind
and don't care a fig anymore
if you displease folks
Ted Williams had a great batting average,
so did The Babe...and they never batted 1000
Got news for you all, you are doing alright
or as my Gramps would say "mighty grand"
if you get in the 300's.

FYI...I keep all of my poetry in 6 font
so everyone can read it and they don't need
to use reading glasses...and I bold it too.
I am thinking of my entire potential reading
audience's ocular challenges when I do so.

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