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The POWER of a HUG, its so MAGNIFICENT, and so Impacting--GREAT
The power of a HUG, will stay with a person, and not leave their HEART very soon, but will stay with them for a life time--LATE

In the nursing homes where for the elderly i--CARED
The loving , and caring, HUGS, i recieved from my old folks next to my HEART, i still feel, so much greater than any love in --COMPARE

A simple HUG, says more than a MILLION--a--WORD
And will stay deep in your HEART and soul, and for always be felt and --LOVINGLY--HEARD

The Exciting --HUG
From my --little --iYA --GIRL, --when i got home from my nursing home job, so spent and exhausted, when she jumped into my arms up from the --RUG

That HUG, still, years and years , latter, i still remember, and cherrish so very --WELL
How in a simple HUG so much love, joy, and happiness, can make your day and make you feel for a long, long, long, time so SPECIAL, GREAT, ELITE, and ,PRETTY--NEAT--and --SWELL

By john d JUNGERS
08th of APRIL 2017

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The POWER of a HUG