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On The Other Hand

On The Other Hand

She sat wondering how
she had found herself
to this night
Had she really
moved her wedding ring
to her other hand as she entered
this small country bar?

The days circumstance
leading her into foreign emotions  

By now she should be home
even though her husband
knew exactly her whereabouts
Her work day had been long
with outside visions of betrayal
and anger taking center stage
A problem within her marriage
that she thought to be over
today had been found to be
still very much alive
So here she sat
not really wanting to be where
she found herself to be
but too upset to go home to reality
The atmosphere
of laughter and ringed smoke
bringing feelings of comfort
as she sipped the sweetness
of cherry coke and took the ribbing
from her friends that just one drink
was really not going to kill her
Hey pretty lady
Ya know
just because you
have that wedding ring
on your other hand ...
"It don't mean a hooptie darlin"
He held up his right hand
to reveal a gold band
on his ring finger as well
You I would guess to be
still very much married
Can you truthfully
tell me I am not correct?
There he stood in front of her
the typical cowboy
of the Honkey Tonk scene
Dressed all in black
from the tips of his boots
up to the brim of his hat
that he now tipped as he made
a low bow in front of her
"May I have this dance?"
Maybe she too
should become the player
asking for forgiveness
to only be found again
in a maze of foreign emotion
Blue eyes met brown
and she allowed herself
to be led to the dance floor
Many other nights were to follow
Each meeting finding the word
parting harder to find
Long talks ....
All very innocent
yet finding themselves
to be a comfort to the other
Wanting to fall deeper
.... Needing to remain
within what had always been?
Both were in a marriage of many years
Both felt as if  they were on the side
that had been wronged
And yet ....
Children were involved
Families that had known
no other way stood in danger
Years of a life they had always known
hung in the balance of 'just a maybe'
They danced their final dance
Kissed their first and final kiss
knowing they were saying goodbye
to something that really never was
might have been ....
but known by each not meant to be
Players to remain in place
Vowing to the other to find their
'Happily ever after' within what could
possibly still remain to be saved

Two people brought together
only by circumstance?

Another day, another time perhaps?

Two embraced within
'If only'

... And the music fell to silence


Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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