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Two Treasures Of A Day Gone By

Two Treasures
Of A Day Gone By

 Today within a little park
On the other side of town
I came upon a Hot Dog Stand
What a treasure I had found
An umbrella of bright red and yellow
Opened wide across its top
Guarding over its precious cargo
Of hot dogs chips and soda pop
With all the charm of days gone by
It stood beneath the shade
Behind the stand a darling man
The truest treasure of the day
Eighty at least he had to be
He was so happy to be of help
As he put together my two hot dogs
He began to tell me of himself

My friend my name is Harley
I know I appear a little worn
Welcome to my hot dog stand
Would you like some Carmel Corn

You have to tell me slowly
How you want your hotdogs made
It seems that my darn ole memory
Is not too good these days
I am here Monday thru Friday
I work from ten till three
If you like my hot dogs
Tell a few others about me please
I have a little trouble with my feet
But if you have the time
I will help you get these to your car
The pleasure is all mine
You will not find a better dog
This I guarantee
No fillers or preservatives
Will you find here with me
Grab yourself a soda and some chips
They are a gift from me
You have helped to brighten up the day
Of this old man of eighty-three
I know that Harley will cross my mind
For many years to come
For this charming man and his hot dog stand
May our Lord richly bless him
When his day is done

Author's Notes:
The story of Harley and his hot dog stand is a true story.
I collect hearts along my journey and Harley's heart and
story has remained with me for many years now.
My husband and myself met Harley on a very windy
and rainy day while living in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
In the rain, he stood behind his Hot Dog Stand,
spreading a little joy to his customers
as they bought his wares.
Quite elderly .... A little slow,
but oh so delightful was his personality
we hated to get into our car and pull away.
We tried to make it a habit to drop in once a week
to visit with him and buy a hotdog or two.
We became very fond of 'Our Harley' and looked forward
to the times we could drop in to say hi.
When we moved, we made a special trip to say goodbye.
It was a Monday, around one. He should have been there.
We had never known him not to be. I was heartbroken
at the prospect that something could have happened to him.
We, who are younger, complain if we are cold or windblown
just getting to our car. Here, was this elderly man,
making his living, every day no matter what the weather.
In Las Vegas, temperatures in the Summer can get
to be 120 degrees very easily.
Winds in the Fall and Winter
can gust to forty miles an hour
and when it is cold ... It Is Cold!
The cold usually coming with the wind.
He would always smile and say
"Its really not that bad"
blushing a little at my concern.
He touched me deeply!
The years of his wisdom, his apparent need,
and the smile that he left in my heart
as each week I said 'See ya next week Harley'
is a gift for which I will always be thankful.
I wish I had hugged him once ....
Just once.
Life is like a box of chocolates
Ya just never know
What you may find

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel
Forrest Gump

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