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I dont feel comfortable
I always get to the point where ever that I, roam, and am, that i just, know, when its a time to go

Right now here my comfort its lost
And i feel dull, without gloss

So i know now i must be on my way
In a few more hours when the sun comes up today

I some day know, that i need my very own place
As i know and understand, that back and forth, back and forth, forever i cannot maintain this pace

So if all i had, and all that i made, i kept all for just me and my very own
Well a point in FACT, thats it i could, EASILY, have my OWN, place and HOME

But as it is
I sacrifice everything to help the best that i can, and probably even above my means and much more that i can --with--my --every --kid

So be that with what it is and may be
In the morning,another, journey, and new DESTINATION--awaits--ME

I --always-- have-- a --mission,--quest--, goal-- and --detailed. --PLAN
Im ---not--- wishy--- washy---, im ---very ---exact ---precise ---FOCUSED---and ---on ---TRACK---, and ---i ---know ---ezactly---a---matter---of---FACTLY---just---what ---my ---MISSION---QUEST---and ---GOALS--- are ---and--- to---reach--- MY---SUCCESS--- i ---KNOW---what---i--- have--- to ---DO---to ---accomplish--- and ---every--GOAL--too---,AND--- the ---SACRIFICES----i----COMPLETELY-----UNDERSTAND

By john d jungers
12th of april 2017

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I dont feel comfortable