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Your Name

Your holy name is a strong and mighty tower,
Your precious name gives comfort hour after hour.
By the authority of your name, demons are forced to flee,
The healing power of your name can cause the blind to see.

The mere mention of your name invokes power and glory,
Your name is forevermore linked to the resurrection story.
Your precious name is worthy of all honor and praise,
The authority in your name is more than a passing phase.

By the power of your name, the lame received strength to walk,
The mention of your name released the dumb and let them talk.
Belief in your name let Peter walk on the waves,
Faith in your name from hell the soul can save.

By the power of your name you spoke the world into being,
Your name can cause the blind to start seeing.
The might in your name hung the stars in space,
Belief in your name can save the human race.

Your name is the great and mighty Jehovah Yahweh,
To escape everlasting fire, your name is the only way/
Your name can set the shackled sinner free.
Your name provides redemption for all to see.

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Your Name