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Little Angel Lost

Little Angel Lost

I wandered away
from my family today
I was chasing
The blue of butterflies wings
That had happened my way

When I finally looked up
There was no one around
I saw monsters in the shadows
That danced on the ground

The sun went away
Oh it was so cold
If only I hadn't given
My brother my jacket to hold

I looked all around me
Which way had I came
The sounds in the night
Kept calling my name

I'm here Mommy!
But my voice was not clear
It was muffled and choked
And drowned out by my tears

I ran towards the voices
But they kept going away
No matter which direction I ran
The monsters shadows gave chase

I began falling
I was falling SO FAR

Like Alice in Wonderland

Away far from the stars

And then . . . .

I felt nothing
The cold went away
Why wasn't I cold
Like I had been all day

There she was before me
A little girl on the leaves
She was peacefully sleeping
So she didn't see me

Little girl, little girl!
Why do you
look so much like me?

Wake up little girl.
I'm so ASCARD!
Can't you see?

Another voice I then heard
On the winds of the night
Dear Child fear not
You are alright

It was not the same voice
I had heard
As I tried to find home

This voice softly whispered
"Sweetheart you're not all alone"
Do not be afraid little one
See the wings I've brought you

Do you remember my face
From your Sunday School

Dry your tears now little Angel
You have nothing to fear
Listen with your heart little Angel
Its whispering to you a prayer

Then there was the prettiest music
That filled the night shadows glare

Where did it come from
This song Jesus Loves Me
I looked all around
But it was just me and he

I remembered his face
But I was still ascard
He was standing before me
With the glitter of stardust
Lighting his hair

No sweetheart I'm not a stranger
You can trust me
I am in the songs that you sing
And the air that you breath

Your Mommy and Daddy?

Honey it is ok
I will speak to their hearts
In my own special way

"How can you do that

I want to go home

To feel the comfort of Teddy

In the room that's my own"

Dear Dear little angel
I know you don't understand
I promise you will
No longer be frightened
If you will just take my hand

You are afraid of the dark
Angel it is alright
Where we are going today
There is everlasting light

Are you ready to leave now
We have a busy day to begin
On my streets of heaven
Your sun will soon shine again
On our way you can drop kisses
To your Mommy and Daddy
Here below

How will they know
They are your kisses

Sweetheart ...

I will be sure that they know

You will always be thought of
At each twinkling of a star
Mommy and Daddy will understand
That you will be safe in my arms

It looks like we're ready to go now
Oh please don't be afraid
There is so much to see in heaven
And we're going to see it all today

Tell me little one
Do you just maybe like clowns
What am I saying

I've watched you as they've
Turned your frowns
Upside down

Give me your smile

And . . .

I'll send in the clowns

They are my special angels
They're always around

Now that's much better
What a very pretty smile you have
In our heaven there is not a way
For you to ever be sad

I see Skippy has found you
He's been here waiting you see
Just over there at my Rainbow's Bridge
For you to come here with me

Now give me your hand
We have much more to see
We're going to go exploring
Just you and me

Is it Ok?

Oh yes my Dear Little Angel
Forever everything will be perfect

I promise

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

The little girl singing
was only eight years old
at the time I wrote this story.

Lil Gospel Singer
I Thank God'

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