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Thread -the -needle, -with,- pin- point -accuracy--nice--and--SLOW
No -in--a--hurry--or--rush,-- not --too --much --talk, --just --FOCUS--and--COMMITMENT--, with --RESOLVE-- and --hush,-- and --EASY--as --ya--GOES

Threading ---the ---delicate---NEEDLE
Takes---concentration---, dedication, ---determination---, and ---FOCUS---COMPLETE---and-- FULL

When-- you --are --COMMITED-- to --SUCCEED
Great,-- pin --, point --accuracy, --and --CONCENTRATION--, is --needed --as --when --your-- threading --the --needle, --with-- ATTENTION, --to --EVERY-- DETAL--, to --ACCOMPLISH--, your --MISSION--, QUEST-- and-- GOALS--, this --is --WHAT--- you ---NEED

Threading ----the ----little-----needle
Carefully, ---cautiously, ----accurately---, most ---diligently,--- determined---dedicated ---and--- MOTIVATED----- one ---by ---one, ---you---- will --ACCOMPLISH--- your ---each--and--every---GOAL----COMPLETE--- and ---FULL

By john d jungers
21st of april 2017

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Thread the needle, with pin point accuracy slow