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       “Moment in the Sun”
She sits on the edge,
Of the loading dock,
Her legs,
Dangling beneath her.
The sun,
Hadn’t made an appearance,
In weeks,
And she wasn’t,
Going to miss,
This one,
Even if she,
Did owe her job,
4-more hours,
Of her life.
It was a slow day,
And the dock,
Was very quiet,
She was alone,
Except for the sun,
Letting its rays,
Bask a pond,
Her body.
She unzips,
And takes off,
Her Roxy hoodie,
More of her,
Fair skin,
To the sun’s,
Inviting rays.
She had forgotten,
The comfort,
She receives,
By having her body,
Slowly warmed,
By the sun.
She has,
So much,
Going on,
In her life,
Right now,
That she,
Closes her eyes,
And tries to,
Totally appreciate,
The moment,
She’s in.
As the sun,
And her thoughts,
Begin to intertwine,
The equally spaced beeps,
Of a truck,
Backing in,
To the loading dock,
Steals what’s left,
Of her moment.
She opens her eyes,
Returning to work,
For the next,
Never getting more,
Than a subtle glance,
The sun now,
Hidden behind,
A sky,
Of angary clouds,
Making most people,
The small role,
The sun played,
In today’s display,
Of warmth and light.
But not her,
Still clinging,
To that moment,
Of time,
Where the sun,
Ruled the sky,
And it’s rays,
Caressed her soft skin,
As she turns on,
Her windshield wipers,
For the rain,
That’s begun to fall.
     Tom Allen…04-22-2017…