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Start your--DAY
By being, nice and polite, courteous, and kind, with bright delight right --AWAY

Bring good positive vibes right forefront into the light of this brand new--DAY
By being that bright positive complimentary light to another--every chance that you can, in every --WAY

KINDNESS--is--what---UNIVERSALLY--BONDS--and--BINDS--us----and-----is ----CONTAGEOUS So pass it around, for a kind gentle and caring compassionate --HEART--of --HEARTS --we--all--can--TRUST--and---will ----LOVINGLY---define --US

A peron with a good heart
Their --GENTLE-- SUBTLE--KIND--,CARING--and--CONSIDERATE--BEAUTIFUL--LOVING--DYNAMIC--DEMEANOR------- will --------GREATLY--IMPACT--and--IMPRESS--YOU--and-----NEVER----falter--fail--slip--or--DAPART

Start -you -day -out -RIGHT
Touch- another-, the -first -person, -that- you -see, -with -your --KIND--CARING--GENTLE-- and --WARM---WELCOMINING---GOOD--GOOD--HONEST---sincere---LOVING---LOVING---LOVING----DEAR----DEAR---HEART--as--PURE--and--GREAT--as--DAYLIGHT
The --SUCCESS-- of --your --DAY
Will --be --BLESSED- -DEFINED--and--UPLIFTED--right --away, --when--- HEARTFULLY---, and ---LOVINGLY---NATURALLY---and---GENUINELY---YOU-- touch --anothers --heart--so-- brightly, --delightly,-- nicely, --and----POLITELY----At --the --BEGINNING--of --your --DAY-- BRIGHTLY--BEAUTIFULLY--and--BRILLIANTLY---RIGHT---AWAY

By john d jungers
25 th of APRIL 2017

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