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For a troubled, and diversely, different , WORLD, that--can-- and --is --SOMETIMES, --so --RUTHLESS--UNCARING--DANGEROUS--and--DARING---COLD
Many, --live --in --GREED,-- seeking--- wealth,--- fame ---and ---fortune,---WITH---the --riches---, of ---Land,--- oil, ---diamonds, ----jewels ---and----GOLD

In --a --WORLD. --That --is --so ---SELFISH---And--GREEDY
People --they--want --more --and --more --and --more-- for --themselves-- and --their ---WEALTH, ---FAME---and---FORTUNE---and --are --so --so, --so--MATERIALISTIC----and----NEEDY

For -a -WORLD,- that -is -what -can -i -do, -for -me, -myself -and --I
That -is -very -very-very--disturbing--, and --very, --very,--very-- troubling --their --is----no----DENY

For all of the world wide devastating, and troubling news that minute by minute on every news chanel is REPORTED
A person, just doesnt know the EXACT, and FACT, spin, and what political side and spin, just how the actual news is Swayed and DISTORTED

For-- a --troubled ---world, -- in --GREAT--turmoil --and ---STRESS
Listening -to -the -DAILY, -LOCAL, -and -WORLD, -WIDE, -NEWS, --will,-- in --a ---MINUTE---give --a --person,-- great---GREAT----UNREST

For a very very very, TROUBLED, diverse, different, WORLD, with different ideals, cultures and beliefs, all that we can do on, our--PART
Is to Set the EXAMPLE---of---unconditional--LOVE--with--all--of--our--HEART

By john d jungers
25th of april 2017

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FOR. A. Troubled diverse WORLD that can BE. So. So. COLD