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Lost In Yesterday And Forever

Lost In Yesterday And Forever

Lost in the reflection
Of mirrored glass
An elderly hand
Touches hair now gray

How . . .
Oh how had she allowed
Her lifetime to slip away

Helplessly entrapped within lost love
She has silently lost her way
To the emptiness of four cold walls
Living only in memories
Of what was once her yesterday

Emerald eyes
That once had sparkled
Now dimmed
Within the passing
Of many years

In a single moment
Her life had ended
Allowing herself
Now only lonely tears

Dressed in her Mother's wedding gown
She waited to take her vows that day

To the world of
"Happily Ever After"
She was so sure she had found her way

The organ played on endlessly
Her family growing restless in their pews
Why hadn't he at the church appeared
To walk down the aisle on cue

A simple note written hastily
Arrived at the church that day
Delivered by a stranger's hands
To a heart left confused and betrayed

I am so sorry my beautiful green eyes
I am taking out the cowards way
There seems to be no other way to tell you

We won't be married today
Or any other day

So many years
Now have now come and gone
Her bouquet dried and brittle
Even with her falling tears

His picture
Still remains at her bedside
Where it has stood
These many wasted years

No dreams are there of family

No Grandma

"I love you so"

Only just the loneliness
And a broken heart
As she grows old all alone

Reflection cast on mirrored glass
Of all her waisted days
Her present and her future
Trapped in her yesterday

When her eyes closed
For the final time
To the world where she'd lived alone
The ghost of her tortured spirit
Stayed within her home to roam

They say it is better
To have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all  

The moral of this story . . . . ?

I will let you make that call

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Lost In Yesterday And Forever



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