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Agatha, she was the LOVELY wife of my henry, my--PA
Together they both were the most LOVING, couple that ever you SAW

My HENRY--my--PA--he--grew--up--on--the-----ROLLING STONE---city--MINNESOTA--Farm-------so----ROUGH--TOUGH--HARD--and--STRONG
My--dear-- old dad, from any other never, ever, would he ever accept to be put down, or--WRONGED

She truly was an--ANGEL--who--LOVED--LOVED--her--HENRY--MY--MINNESOTA----PA

And ---my ---HERRY, ---HE---was ---the ---raging ----MINNESOTA--TORNADO, ---FARMER--BOY---so--rough, --so--loud,--so--hard-- and --so--tough,----- many -times -with -loud -shout-holler-and-angry-upset--cuss----------and--to--be--STORMY--for--dad--was--the---NORMY-----------who--would--not--accept--to--be--put--down--by--NONE
She --was --the --only --person--, the --------PRIOR --CATHOLIC -NUN---from --age-- FIFTEEN---to---age---THIRTY--TWO-------, who --could-- take --the --rage --and--with--dad--PRAY--and --take--the---WIND--and--STORM---AWAY---and--CALM--the MINNESOTA--TORNADO------my----PA

Dads--stormy--TEMPER---, would --and --could --come --on --so --overwhelmingly----great ---violent----and --strong
Dad, he just would not, and could not, from anybody, or anything, accept to just quietly walk away, and -in--any--shape--sound--or--form--be--WRONGED

Even when driving the family car
If another cut off rudly my dad,he was--after them, they wouldn't get away with it very far

My dad he just would not accept to be in any shape or form to be wronged
Dad, my simple farmer dad, he did not wait or hesitate to put another just exactly right where they belonged

At age twelve he grew up too too fast
His childhood did not last

His father became ill, on the farm and passed
Then dad as an only child, had to quit school, work the farm, and as a twelve year old kid do every MANs--job--responsibility--and--FARMERS--TASK

Agatha, ---my ---LOVING---WONDERFUL----MA
She -so -dearly -dearly--LOVED--LOVED--LOVED---my --HENRY----my----PA

Mom she ---UNDERSTOOD---HENRY---my--desr--old--DAD-- the ---most
Growing up now and looking back, it is very touching how they Loved, and cared for one another so--LOVINGLY--WONDERfuLLY--and--CLOSE

A --woman,-- as --my --AGATHA,-- my --mother --she --was --so, --so, --so, --GREAT
And my HENRY, that rough and tough farmer at --age--twelve --and --kid--was--SO--HEAVENLY--BLESSED--to--have--an-----ANGEL----as--my-ma--AGATHA--who--LOVED--LOVED--him--so--very-very--great--and--well--as--his-life-living-and--LOVE--FATE

By john d jungers
28th of april 2017

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