Pegasus Princess

 A POET'S WORLD REPOST by Wings2fly 12 20 2008
Original script "A Place They Cannot Follow" 
Revised prose June 28 2008 
Re-published  April 30, 2017

Paper feelings guide the trip of poetic adventure 
Paths carved out by many who have accepted this journey 
Some paths walked upon over and over again 
While others are new and barely visible 

Subconscious thoughts grow to become reality's challenge 
Just over the threshold of engaging emotions together 
Make believe world created as an escape to ecstasy 
They must allow themselves the pleasure   

Playing along just to find out where the road will lead 
Filling a void for one, two, or thousands 
They arrive at a place where their own words become hidden behind a masterpiece 
Can this really happen? 
Certainly not……the cost may be too high 

Lives scripted as a story unfolds 
Baffling emotions leave tears upon paper 
They write about love and the moon and stars 
Dreams, desire, and most endearing…. memories   

Who is really surveying true intent or this unmet desire? 
A dangerous and yet marvelous poetic outlet in life 
Being led away from what's real to embrace a poet's world 
All avenues are amazingly beautiful 

Walking into ... then walking out of ...   
Intentionally stepping back to reflect upon trueness 
With the potential to find fear of falling too deep 
This world can be just as real as they'd like it to be 

Even silence will say more than words alone 
A poets world is full of dreams 
And we'll always rise to the occasion 
After all, we are dreamers

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