The Unfairness Of Angels

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Life's Circus

Life's circus has it's own big tent
A place where we can all repent
The cruelty upon those poor creatures
Are ironed upon our own stern features

As we bow our heads and fall to our knees
Worshiping a God on a shoestring trapeze
The fool alone, banished and weak
Displayed and laughed at, ‘bring out the freak'

And out he comes, with his painted face and red nose
With shoes that our too big and show his toes
The freak the clown, the fool , the lie that is true
When we realize he's looking at us, ‘the fools in a zoo'

The penny drops! We've been duped and tricked
Failing to see that box that we ticked
The small print, the subliminal hope
It's us that walks life's tightrope

Hearts drop like stones from a great height
When reality hits home! We can't win this fight
Our cries for HELP! Are drowned out by laughter
When we take our last breath and meet the Ringmaster!

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Life`s Circus