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Why am I a Socialist?                  
Have been for many a day.
If you'll put up with my rambling
I'll just tell it all my way.
Where are the old shops
Where we used to get our tick
My dad didn't get paid
When he was off work sick.

Casual farm labourer
Living on the bread line
It was only thanks to tick
Our family ate at times.
I'd an idyllic childhood
Lived in world of my own
Didn't realise the hardship
Until I was fully grown.

I don't recall mam and dad
Ever having had a holiday
Just the odd bus trip
For a bit of a day away.
Yet somehow they still smiled
Made do with what they got
Just soldiered on with life
Contented with their lot

Respected in the village
Accepted by their peers
Thats where they spent
All of their married years.
The old shop's now long gone
Replaced by supermarket trade
Not much manufactured here
It's mostly foreign made.

And I suppose these days
Most are paid when they're sick
So is there the same need for
That old interest free tick.
It's all payday loans now
At extortionate rates,
Bumming the odd pint from
Their more fortunate mates.

And no matter in the past
What was the social cost
You can take it from me
The bosses never lost.
Thats why I'm a socialist.
I don't suppose I'll ever stop
Brought up on tick and kindness
From that little village shop.

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