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Your mind must be clear,
Ready for action;
Temptation is near,
As a distraction.
Place your confidence,
Completely in God;
To have a defense,
That would make you flawed.
His kindness will bring,
When Jesus appears;
Salvation to cling,
For calming your fears.
You are a child,
That obeys the Lord;
Not something wild,
That He has ignored.
Do not live a life,
That you once did live;
Filled with stress and strife,
So He can forgive.
You did satisfy,
Your own desires;
And had to deny,
As God requires.
But you are holy,
Since God has called you;
To be His only,
So you must be true.
Call God your Father,
And live your time here;
With Christ your Brother,
Helping as you fear.
God will hold no grudge,
On what you have done;
But will come to judge,
Along with His Son;
Through Him you believe,
He rescues from strife;
And you will receive,
Everlasting life.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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