The Unfairness Of Angels

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Lip Service

Welcome to Lip Service, come on in, we're open
We specialize in the traumatised and broken
Take a look around, browsing is free
We have things  for the paranoid to social anxiety
And self guided tours through CBT
We'll cure your insanity

If you're feeling hungry we have food
Something for everyone, to suit your mood
I personally recommend the chips and steak
Sit down and tuck in, whilst we watch you break
We've seen it before, they've not even touched the peas
Until they are crying and begging and on their knees

We can give your soul a MOT
£100 plus V.A.T
And whilst you're waiting we have a selection of tea
50 shades of early grey to ease your mentality?
As always, the lip service is free
There's always time for ‘you and me'

You'll come in broken and come out new
Don't believe us? Read the review!
“Lip service was better than a mood stabilizer”
Said one person on TripAdvisor
So if you need to talk about your foes
Lip Service will cure your woes.

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Lip Service