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The Holy Spirit tells something,
Of the promise that God will make;
Remembering the goodness to bring,
That the Lord will never forsake.
He puts His teachings in your heart,
While writing them in your mind;
So that you constantly impart,
And you are never going blind.
God will no longer hold your sin,
And their defiance against you;
As His Spirit will cleanse within,
For a godly life to pursue.
So when your sins are forgiven,
No longer need to sacrifice,
Which is your access to Heaven,
And resistance what will entice.
All because of the blood of Christ,
Means that we can constantly go;
Since Jesus Christ was sacrificed,
For the sacrificial blood did flow.
Jesus has opened a new way,
For us to go through the curtain;
Living a life for to obey,
And everlasting for certain.
We have a superior priest,
And in charge of the House of God;
He is there preparing a feast,
For those that are no longer flawed.
We have been sprinkled with His blood,
To free us from corrupted guilt;
And immersed in the crimson flood,
Where we can cross the bridge as built.
Our bodies are washed and clean,
So that we continue to go;
With sincere heart and so serene,
Following the blessings that flow.
We have to continue to firmly hold,
Our strong faith that we declare;
A declaration that is bold,
That we will continue to share.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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