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And -very -very-very-soon, --PURE--FUN----and----EXCITEMENT----will be, our, life, living, and love--FATE

We are at the hotel now, taking a break
And we will be at the DISNEY--gate,-- before--too--LATE
My grand-daughter, was already so excited, when in the parking lot, we saw a disney sign, of mickey mouse, and GOOFY, toy story and the BUZZ
We all are so anxious and so excited because here we are again at DISNEY-LAND, just--BECAUSE

M grand-daughter" had a bathroom break, and now is eatting her--SNACK
So we are getting fueled up, so soon we will be-around -and -around -at -the ---DISNEY--PARK, --and on the --FUN, --FUN, --FUN, --TRACK

A --DISNEY-LAND, --adventure--anxiously, --excitingly, --AWAITS
And very soon now, we will depart this hotel, and pure fun, and, excitement, will, become our, life, living, and--FATE

By john d jungers
15th of may 2017

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