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When you are, RIGHT, with GOD, you, will have GREAT--MIGHT
When in your, life, living,and LOVE, you are RIGHT, with GOD, he has you in his SIGHT

When you live just loving, faithful, courageously, forgivingly, and RIGHT
For GOD,, will, be your--BLESSING, and guiding--LiGHT

When you LIVE--RIGHT
Have no fear, because, GOD, has you in his HEAVENLY--SIGHT

In your life, living, and love, --live--RIGHT
Keep GOD, LOVINGLY--in--your--SIGHT

When we live just,faithful, loving,and--RIGHT
GOD,our father smiles down on us from the holy heavens with great love, happiness and --DELiGHT

By john d jungers
15th of may 2017

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When you are RIGHT with GOD,,, you will have great MIGHT