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Right --in --the --MIDDLE--, of --a --CONFLICT
Right in the middle, of an argument, in the center of cross fire, can make you, --FEEL--so, stressed, and--SICK

In the center of controversy
In the middle of an argument, makes a person feel, helpless with misery

In the middle of an argument, and--CONFLICT
Leaves a person, feeling helpless with no side or the other to--PICK

When an argument, between two people, becomes--HEATED
Its very frustrating, for a father, when daughter and son in law, Are arguing in --FRONT-- of you, and their, communication--is--not--working--and--Is--DEFEATED

When in the, middle of a conflict, and argument
Its -just --BEST--to ---HOLD--YOUR--TONGUE---be--PRAYERFUL--FAITHFUL--quiet--and--still--so--as--not--to--create---any--a---misunderstanding--and--RESENT

Conflicts, arguments, and dissagreements will occur with us all and--HAPPEN
Its just so very uncomfortable, and stressful, when your stuck right smack in the middle amidst the storm and turbulance and trouble--THEN

For- i -know, -from -experience- that -its -best -to -stay -silent, -and--quiet, --and--STILL
And -faithfully, -and -lovingly -pray, -that--GODS, --way --not --mine --be --done --and----his---LOVING----WILL

By john d jungers
16th of may 2017

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Right in the MIDDLE of a CONFLICT