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DISNEYLAND--exhaustion, the. Morning after and--FATIGUE
Your, muscles, down to the bone, are so, worn out exhausted, sore, over tierd, expired, and--tiredly--GRIEVE

To the-- jaccuzzi
In a few hours when the sun comes up, again, to relax, regroup, and recoup you know , thats where i Gots, to --BE

DISNEYLAND--exhaustion, from hours and hours, of walkin, and waiting, in --LINES
Has really the morning after wipped out and-exhausted, my poor--SPINE

So in awhile to the jaccuzzi, i know that i must relax and go
So i will feel much, a better, with a get up and--positive--GLOW

By john d jungers
17th of may 2017

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