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On The Pontoon . . . (Friendship)

Lots of us have had a terrible Winter

Be it from heartache

Or just plain nasty weather outside

Friends be of good cheer

Grab yourself a cold beer

I'm about to take us all on a ride . . . .

Winter now has passed on to memory

Oh how sweet to see Summer appear

Let's all kick up our heels

Just to remember how it feels

Sweet fantasy about to unfold here



It's time to get this party started

I'm not quite sure how to get us untied

Clear open water awaits

Lets get some spray upon our face

Just as soon as all our friend's have arrived

On this Pontoon

We'll close our eyes and wish for all we see to be true

True hugs now not just imagined in the want to

Friends together out in nature's wide open

For now just left to free floatin'


What a notion!

There's plenty of drinks in the cooler

Just kick back and open a cold one

BBQ out in the sun, inner tubes for everyone

Wishes this fantasy could go on and go on

Upon this Pontoon

We closed our eyes and wished for all we saw to be true

True hugs now not just imagined in the want to

Poetic friendships that will remain true

Friends together out in the open


What a wonderful notion!

Ya all come back now

Ya hear?

Original by Lesa Gay


Aspiring Angel


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On The Pontoon . . . (Friendship)