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Of--the--BLESSING, --from --my --three--BEAUTIFUL--LOVING-/ grand-daughters--, how --they --make:-- me --feel,-- so --so--so-- special,-- JUST --as --i --am,--and-- how --they ---ACCEPT, ---me,-- and --look --up --to --me, --and --simply-- LOVE----ME

With --crystal-- clear, --beautiful --beautiful--beautiful--CLARITY
The BLESSED, most special, and wonderful, LOVE, that i feel deep, deep, deep, down in my HEART, is a --REALITY

With --no --doubt, --or --strings --attached, --these --three --girls-- LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--their--grand --pa----just--simple---ME
And this late nite, at almost midnight, leaves me feeling so elite special, blessed --LOVED--LOVED--LOVED--- and--- Happy--- happy --happy---and---FREE--with ---Pure--JOY---and--- GLEE

By john d jungers
17 th of may 2017

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