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Dueling Poets . . . Series


My Authors notes explains.

Honest! Well kinda sorta.

Comic relief anyone?




Shhhhhhh .....


Can you hear it .....?


Listen closely.


It sounds to me like a Buzzard moaning

with the setting of the sun.


What's that you say?

Let me outta here?




Ray ... You are in a heap of trouble Son!!





There is a rumbling from the North

As our sexy Buzzard sits in jail

Placed behind cold bars of iron

By the 'Mouth Of The South'

And he is raising Holy H*LL


He has sent out a rather pitiful S.O.S.

Asking all our friends

To drop a line or two in his defense

To bring his jail term to an end



Our Buzzard

Snivels and moans


'Oh please ... I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!'



He claims The Mouth has showed him no mercy

As their battle for the Golden Pen rages on

After all he is just a helpless lonely Buzzard

With only singed tail feathers to sit upon


He conveniently forgot to come clean

Of why he finds himself in this jail

Leaving The Mouth waiting for his comebacks

With excuses that were really mighty pale


So here he finds himself behind bars tonight

Protesting quite loudly


'This just ain't right!'



Then ... writing quite arrogantly

He speaks in poem to me

That no faults in my dear friend Donna

I would allow myself to see


Well Ray, sweetie pie,

I might have found a way to try,

But four words from me to our sweet Mouth



' . . . Throw away that darn key!!!!''





Just a little reminder Ray

This pretty lady with whom you choose to duel?


Lightening flies from her fingertips

I wonder what next she has in store for you?

(You best be afraid . . . VERY afraid!)


So my fiesty Buzzard although I love ya

The judge will soon be stepping in

And like I told you in the beginning







Aspiring Angel

August 13, 2009





This is a blast from the past for me.

Written by Aspiring in the year of 2009.


I got involved within this little duel of poets

and the series went on for over a hundred episodes.


It all started with Ray, aka the buzzard, taking jabs

at our writing, within his titles.


There was three of us he singled out, and we opened

a link from him one morning to see ourselves standing

in graphic costumes of The Three Musketeers.

A little 'roast' in poem accompaning it.


Well, game on, and the Dueling Poets found

its way to be a series. LOL The duel was to go on until

everyone cried uncle before the last pen standing.


The prize . . . The coveted Golden Pen.


We played petty hard and fast. Now what's three close friends

to do when we were being picked on by a buzzard. (Ray's penname)


We were unmerciful in our play. After all it was three against

one. Poor Ray didn't stand a prayer but he had his moments. LOL


This was one of the last writes of the series. The chapters were

becoming fewer and fewer and Ray was not giving us ammunition.

I tried to raise a few tail feathers when I posted this write but

eventually the fun just faded away.


I found this in shambles, dusted it off

and decided to find it a home here within my titles.


Thanks everyone, for letting me share some of

Aspiring's fond memories in play, even though you

do not know the other players.





Which of these two talented poets

won the duel between pens and friends?


Two of us caved to 'Uncle' and these two

continued between themselves for

several months longer.

I awarded each of them a 'Golden Pen'






Original by Lesa Gay


Aspiring Angel




Graphics by Ray Hamilton


Donna Delong Matthews

Graphics retrieved from

various episodes and placed

by myself for this write.
















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