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Always, BE, JOYOUS and PRAY
With JOYOUS, HAPPINESS, and LOVE, LAUGHTER, in your, LIFE, LIVING, and LOVE, through, all of the GOOD things, the GREAT times, and even, The, sad, disappointing and very, very, very, bad times, in PRAYER, and FAITH, and with LOVE, in your HEART, PRAYERFULLY, and FAITHFULLY, STEADFASTLY, CONFIDENTLY--and---COURAGEOUSLY----strongly--and--bravely--STAY,

Be--JOYOUS--,HAPPY--, and --PRAY
SMILE--, as --you --go --along, --your --LOVING, --FAITHFUL---WAY

Be,-- and --STAY, --HAPPY, --HAPPY--HAPPY--and ---JOYFUL,------------------ always, always, always, ---COMPLETELY--FAITHFULLY---LOVINGLY--- and---FULL

Anyone can be HAPPY, when all is GOOD, GREAT, and GRAND and NATURALLY--and--EASILY-- , they --are --just --so--so--so--JOYOUS--Upbeat---and--HAPPY--HAPPY--HAPPY
Bu--to---STAY---and ---REMAIN---, CONSTANT---UPBEAT-- joyous ---and ---happy, ---when ---you ---are ---devastated,--- depressed, ---down,--- hurt, ---and ---very,- very,- very,--- sad, ---ONLY--ONLY--ONLY--with--the--ALMIGHTY--GOD--in--your----LOVING--HEART--with--LOVING--FAITHFUL--PRAYER--can---THIS--BECOME--a--REALITY--to--BE--for--us--all--you--and--Me
By john d jungers
19th of may 2017

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Always. Always. Always. BE. Upbeat. --HAPPY--HAPPY----HAPPY--And. jOYOUS