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A Tiger Speaks

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A Tiger Speaks

 My name is Ramma

I am but an image upon your screen

But somewhere in a world not seen by many

I do exist to live freely

But for how long

I am a magnificent creation of our God

He who made the lamb made I

Am I to remain free as I was born

Or should I be captured to be studied

In your zoos and wildlife enclosures

To record what once was

Not a bad life you say

We are fast becoming extinct in the jungles

And soon even those of you with the

Purest of intentions may have no reason

To search your hearts for answers to

The question of what is 'BEST' for us

Did he who made the lamb make thee

You who call yourself humanity

Our Creator granted us

Great strength and grandeur

Since time began I and those

Like me have roamed our world freely


Our paths crossed yours

You the hunter

You the poacher

You the human

That has no regard

For our lives

How can you

Silence our beauty

For pure greed

I do not understand

WE ... Do not understand

What is this god called money

That drives you to destroy us

This god seems to be so powerful

That you have no regard for our lives

Or for that matter

You have no regard for your own

You will kill your own kind

Because of this


If you feel threatened

That it may no longer be yours

We have become to you only a commodity

A price set for our lives of the same value

As are your drugs on what you call

The Black Market

You deal... you sneak...

You kill your own if necessary

To take our ground bones

Into your possession for personal gain

You cut down our trees and claim

Our hunting grounds as your own

Leaving us hungry and thirsty

With no safe place for us to remain

To raise our cubs

If we envade what was once OUR home

Then it is we that are put to death

You do not play the game fairly

While we understand

We have no place in YOUR world

Where is it that we belong

A number of years ago now 'Tatiana'

Escaped one or your enclosures

You say she killed one of you

So for safety she had to be destroyed

I say to you ... Did you investigate

To see if the rumors of a sling-shot

Being in the possession of the young man

Was in truth fact

Did you listen to your own kind

That reported they saw the boys harrasing

The other animals earlier in the day

And that there was alchohol

In their possesion with empties being

Found in their car

No ... It was automatic the sentence

She was put to death for attacking

One of you that in reality

Had been asking for the consequences

A little late now do you not agree

To regret the error made

Original by Lesa Gay



A Tiger Speaks

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