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I look out before me and see a world
in need of help. I look into vacant eyes
to many to count as if their souls were 
left on a shelf.
Empty shells with a hand out cause their
belly's still need fed, wandering lost in city
parks and alley ways hoping to find a safe 
place to lay down their heads.
They are the forgotten ones or at best are to be
dispatched. Their bodies dirty with clothes to match.
Pushing shopping carts of throw away treasures
as if their deserving of no other pleasure. 
Who are these people who have fallen
to the wayside, Laying on a bus stop
seat, in a heap? I have often wondered
have they died or just fallen asleep?
They have to be someone’s child, sister
or brother, sadly a person’s mother or
father,  But to society their treated less
then human and seen as a bother.
Where does one place the blame or reason?
Perhaps those in political power or our
financial institutions and corporations who
against it's people, are committing treason..
Or could it be they are the lost and denied
pieces of you and me? Left wandering
in a  hopeless and damned reality  
who to often die at the hands of brutality.
What is one suppose to do? As if anyone
really cared or knew. So here we are driving
our fancy cars, living in homes with a wet bar.
swim in our pools with kids in private schools.
And if not, oh well no body said life was easy
as they look down upon the less fortunate
with disgust on their faces. Yet if you were to
look into their eyes for a soul, you'll find no traces.
Looks and feels pretty grim as the self-serving beautify
themselves at the gym while the homeless try to force a
grin for a fate so unbecoming of them, They haven't much 
of a future when their chances of survival are so slim.
In search of a solution for the worlds state of affairs  I've
come to the conclusion it's our personal denial causing
our nightmares. Healing humanities ancient wounds 
starts by accepting what we have rejected and disowned.

It doesn't take long before one has the thoughts and feeling
that lead to places inside, your know the ones we hate to
feel and try to hide. Our coping skills need to be updated
and modified by accepting our emotions we've held back and denied 


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Empty Shells



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