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Temecula bound
And very soon, my youngest grand-daughter,Isabella anne, in ---Temecula--- happily i will be AROUND

She will say grandpa i miss you as much as from the moon and back
And we will be playing with all of her toys and. A -- Skyscraper --with her legos and building blocks together--we--will--BUILD--and---STACK

Together-- we ---will ----be -----so -------busy-busy-busy-busy-BUSY From early morn sun up, until the day is long done

At two and a half years old
This little bella she is so talkative, strong and. BOLD
Im a Temecula bound
And very soon, my grand daughter BELLA, i will be AROUND, and she will say --grand- pa --lets ---GO--play,--COME--ON--GRAND-PA-- and -all -her -toys -toys-toys--on -the -carpet -living -room -floor -will -be -all -around -us --SUrROUND

By john d jungers
22nd of may 2017

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Temecula bound