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After Manchester outrage  May 2017

We are a polyglot nation,
A cultural melting pot
Welcoming dispossessed  
To share in what we've got.
Some come to this country
From their foreign lands
With customs and beliefs
And expect us to understand:

From war torn places
Where customs differ
Where to disagree is
Very  probably to suffer;
From a religion with practices
Hundreds of years out of date
Peopled by some few zealots
Full of intolerance and hate.

Most quickly settle
Full of survivor gratitude
But there are just a few
Who harbour a bad attitude.
They make no attempt
To try and integrate
Just expect the standards
Of their own former state,
Can't or won't  understand
We behave very differently here
And try to divide and rule
By terror violence and fear.
We believe in mutual respect
But ask them to understand,
Tolerate  the customs of their
Mainly secular new homeland.

We offer many asylum
We offer them release
From the Tyrannies they fled
But we ask they live in peace.
We try to accept that much
Of their past is sadly missed
We don't ask them to change
Just to accept and co-exist.

We will not be beaten by your bombs
This nation has suffered much before
For a while we stood battered and alone
Faced the might of fascism in the War.
If some still so crave what they left
Can not accept the way we believe
Then with all courtesy and respect
They should pack their bags and leave.

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