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Him or her gave their life,
for peace in the world to survive.
Now all you have left is memories in this box,
waiting for the key that unlocks.

No putting your arms around it,
just times of regret.
A time to wonder,
as your heart feels the thunder.

Hugs not to be had anymore,
feelings that aren't there like before.
A metal just a piece of iron,
taking place for one that was born.

Life taken,
hurts that are awaken.
Why can be answered forever,
all the love that held life together.

Just for once to not know this,
all these things that you miss.
With God they are now.
Helping to ease the pain somehow.

Within your soul is a hole,
that leaves you feeling cold.
It will be a long, long while,
before you ever have a real smile.

With you they always walk,
as with them you still talk.
A tear does fall.
as their name you still call.

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