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Positivity versus negativity
Is always a-constant battle, and constant, struggle, as fighting over the pull of gravity

Positively we strive to seek
But we all have our limit, and we -----fail--falter--stray--fall -----to negativity, and get weak

Negativity will lead to sin
Than your peace, serenity, hope and love, you do not win

When negativity seeps --slowly, slowly, slowly,-- sneakily and deadly in
With a positive faithful, hopeful, and --LOVING--attitude --of --gratitude --with --thoughtful--caring--compassionate--, mindful, --and --loving --loving, --loving,--PRAYER, --with --positivity --you --have --to -- stand--your--ground--and---fight --the--good --fight --to --WIN

Let you gravity

Be your natural self, and GRAVITY
That draws, you--CONSTANTLY--through--prayer--TO--hope--and--faith--with--LOVE--compassion--care--and--concern--with-------COURAGE----to--FORGIVE------away--from--any--and--all--TEMPTATIONS--of--NEGATIVITY

POSITIVELY--seek--to--FIND POSITIVITY--through--LOVINGNESS--at--your--very--best--of--every--KIND

When, with--FAITHFUL--HOPEFUL--PRAYERFUL--LOVINGNESS--all--things--are--done--and--said--with--good-----HEARTFELT-----intentions-----with-----LOVE--LOVE--and---LOVE-------------WE---shall---BE---abundantly --BLESSED--, from -the ---HOLY-----heavens--ABOVE

When Negativity through your gravity you naturally seek
You eventually, will fall, falter and fail and gwt weak

Be who and what you seek to be and become, as you natural, --GRAVITY--which--will--set--YOU--LOVINGLY--POSITIVELY--through--psitive--PRAYER--HAPPY--HAPPY--HAPPY--and--FREE

By john d jungers
26 th of may 2017

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Positivity versus negativity