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From---TODDLER---, to,--a--- TEEN
The -behaviors -of -a --little-- two --and --a --half --year--old--girl--are-SEEN
A --little--Two--year--old--TODDLER
They -will -push-push-push-- their --mommy-- and --daddy, --to --the --limit --farther --and --farther--farther--and--FARTHER

Discipline-- for --every --every--CHILD
Is -completely- different -and -can --be--from --meek,-- and -mild,-- to --difficult, --rebellious --and --WILD

From --a--TODDLER--to--a--TEEN
Even- a -two -and -a -half -year -old,- child -can -in -a -heart -beat, -turn -from --SWEET-- to --SOUR-- and --down--right--REBELLIOUS----and----MEAN

And --LOVE--PATIENCE--and --BOUNDARIES--, with --LOVE--LOVE--LOVE--from --each --and ---EVERYONE

Its --challenging,--with--a--toddler-- to --stay--always-- calm, --collective--and--cool

When, --as ,--a, --- TEEN, ---they-- want --to ---REVOLT,--- and --BEND--and--TWIST--and--BREAK-- each --and --every --a --RULE

Patience --patience --patience --and --patience--, and --DO--ALL--things --with --A ---LOVING--HEART
Enjoy --these --trying --trying--trying--times--with --a --little---TODDLER---, because --before--you-- realize-- it --they-- are --grown,--and --a --TEEN--and --the -SWEETNESS--and--INNOCENCE-- will-- PART

Dont --be --so --so--so--QUICK--To --ADVANCE-- your---TODDLER---, and --grow,-- up --too --too ---too---QUICK--and---FAST
Parents-- lately--, compete, --too--much--and --they--POST--EVERYTHING--on--the--INTERNET--and--they--want-- their ---TODDLER--- to --START--so --early --early --early --in ----PRE--PRE--PRE--SCHOOL---and --they --grow-- up --way--way--way--too --too,--too-- FAST------------but- a -word -to -the - wise,- just -relish- the --TODDLER--SWEET--SWEEt--SWEET--and--INNOCENT--LOVING-- moments, --and --know --that ---THE --sweet , sweet, sweet,--- TODDLER--- days--weeks--months--and--years --wont -forever last and last and --LAST

Before --too --too--too--LONG
The-- TODDLER --years --will --be --long --long --long----GONE

So, sing, dance, giggle, and, wiggle, --SING--DANCE--GIGGLE--and--WIGGLE----and--have --fun,--fun--fun-- laugh --and --laugh--and--laugh--tickle --tickle--and--tickle-and --just--BE--a--HAPPY--TODDLER--KID--and--PLAY
Enjoy --these --TODDLER--- trying----demanding---LEARNING--challenging--times --each- and --every --every--every--a --second--of--the--DAY

By john d jungers
28th of may 2017

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