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The gifts and sacrifices,
Are meant to be food or drink;
For fellowship entices,
Giving us all time to think.

But it will never give you,
For having a clear conscience;
For anything that you do,
Causing lack of confidence.

Purify body and soul,
And establish a new way;
To reach your spiritual goal,
So you can love and obey.

A new way of doing things,
That the Lord does require;
For the changes that it brings,
Is what God will admire.

Christ went through a better tent,
Which not made by human hands;
For the hate and discontent,
Were filling throughout the lands.

He was using His own blood,
Not the blood of goats and bulls;
Rather than causing a flood,
For changing a land of fools.

He went to the holy place,
Offering this sacrifice;
So that God would shed His grace,
Without having to think twice.

Forever all to be free,
Unlike ashes of the cows;
Unclean that you cannot see,
The blessings that God allows.

The blood of Christ has no flaw,
Had no defect but did more;
Because He follows the Law,
Following down to the core.

His Spirit gives the conscience,
Cleanses from the useless things;
Giving a new common sense,
Through salvation it brings.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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