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Need You (note of encouragement to self)

have you ever been
some one's keeper
but you couldn't keep

have you ever been
some one's shoulder to lean on
but you couldn't weep

have you ever been
somebody's thread to hold onto
but your spindle was empty

how do you go on
giving and giving
until you're almost gone

you're that diminishing bar of soap
that every one rubs
because you let them

but how about an experiment
in trust
what would happen if you let go
and just
reached out
held onto some one's hand
leaned into some one's shoulder
reached for the tow rope

are you worth saving
yes you can
be your own savior
reach out
to someone
let them come to you
forget your propped up pride
its wasted time
you could continue with
a wasted life
be an island full of need

is the rest
of the beginning
a new way of living

want to succeed?

need yourself
be yourself
you're your own child
trust in you and believe
that today
you will
find your way
and go forward
tumbling into your newness

your mantra now is
you will get through this
you will get through this
yes you will

re-edited June 3, 2017  12:23pm PST
by Melissa A. Howells

legal copyright for this poem/work
time date stamped 9:11 (how appropriate) June 2nd, 2017
and also for this writer/poet/author Melissa A. Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title:
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

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