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The twinkle inside her eyes
escaped her many moons ago
she lies upon her cold floor
guilt riddled and sorrowful

From dark days gone by
and her tormented mind
she is scratched by grief
like tattoos upon her face

An empty space just remains
hollowed by electric memories
that will repeat themselves
like a suffocating addiction

Where an evening encroaches
she see's their blank faces
and those eyeless strangers
she never runs for her life

Can we know these demons
of our dreams and meetings
of those whom had scarred us
that reside within our layers

The consequences of choice
our past that runs behind us
tearing at us for rebirthing
we are always slightly ahead

Our very own mental killer
a book of our staged life
with illustrations and awe
and the sounds of silence

Upon this chrome carousel
the monsters have no name
but a little girl remembers
theirs eyes and cold touch

There is no hope for clarity
she has seen the vacant hole
she escaped that near death
where no glimmer to her reach

Written by,
Abby lynn
June 3  2017

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