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My pretty little ballerina
When she dances across the floor
Maybe on tiptoe a whole foot tall
But hardly a few inches more

The smallest dime sized feet
A waving to the empty air
Mom it's treat time in the kitchen
Follow me I'll take you there

The color of roasting marsh-mellows
With black buttons for her eyes
When she's working on your sympathies
Those eyes can truly cry

Her biggest fault by far is her barking
She thinks she is a Great Dane you see
If you were to pass my window
You would see exactly what I mean

She is every animal that has ever owned me
Brought back within their memories sweet
She is definitely the queen of this household
But she makes our lives so complete

It is love unconditional
That you see just below on your screens
She means so much more than I can tell you

She's just . . . She's just

My Mitze

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Forest Gump

The little red Martian guy in back of Mitze
Is a cartoon character on TV
She was on the end of a recliner

Oh yes she loves cartoons. LOL


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