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Keep --your,-- CLARITY, --through --ALL, --DISPARITY
Keep --FOCUSED,-- and --FIND--the --POSITIVITY,-- in --each,-- and --every--NEGATIVITY

Stay --FOCUSED, --with --CALMNESS, --and --A --crystal--clear, --VISION
With--a-- foundation--of--FAITH, --LOVE, --and-- HOPE,-- through-- heartfelt-- PRAYER,-- to --better --COPE,-- and --do --what --is --the --most --difficult-- thing--to --DO--for --US--ALL--and--throw --in --the --towel, --and ---LET-GO-- and ---LET---GODs--, WILL,-- BE----DONE

KEEP, -your- CLARITY, -when- at -you're --DEEPEST--and --DARKEST--LOW--with --DISPARITY
FIND, -your -PEACE,- SERENITY, -and -LOVE,- through -PRAYER,--and-- FAITH,- and -HOLD--onto --HOPE, ----from -any -and -all--NEGATIVITY--and---find--the--LOVING---POSITIVITY

Through, --turmoil, --strifes--and --troubles-- with --DISCOURAGEMENT--DISMAY--, and --DESPAIR
Call- out -to ---JESUS, ---and -all -of -your -heart -feelings -with -the -LORD,- LOVINGLY,- and -PRAYERFULLY,--FAITHFULLY-- with -all -of -your --HEART,----SHARE

By john d jungers

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Keep your clarity through your disparity