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This very heartfelt video was sent to me last week by another Vietnam Veteran, I didn't get a
chance to post it in time for Memorial Day 2017 as I was recovering from cataract surgery on
both of my eyes (My eyes are almost back to perfect 20/20 vision now). I still wanted to post
this video on my site to honor all who have served our nation and our own citizens maintaining
our freedom, it has never been free and we must always keep watch and we must never become
apathetic in this world of ours especially in these troubled times that we once again now find
ourselves in with the current conflicts in today's world. The video is just over 14 minutes
long, but please take the time to view it and please always remember those who have paid the
ultimate price for the freedom that you, your family, your relatives and your own friends have
enjoyed each day of your lives. Please never forget how you got your freedom, remember them.

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