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Dolphins Dance At Sunrise

Listen can you hear

Soft voices upon the dawn

Joyous are the songs

The sea finds the warmth of sun

Dolphins await their ballet

Beneath ocean depths

Fingers of sunlight call them

A new day to fly

Nature's home now the soft wind

The sea just below


Dolphins Dance At Sunrise


Voices of the morning song

Release your hearts to fly again

Sings now the upward gentle wind

To dance within the dawn

Gentle brothers of the restless sea

Breath deep the mist of freedom's call

In dance you are in the meant to be

Head to the sky and standing tall

Be mindful of the fishermen's net

Gentle soul that flies with no regrets

For they would take away your chance

To feel the warmth of sunrise dance

Relentless is the hand of man

That pollutes your sea and oils your sand

Yet still each sunrise you find your song

The question posed . . . For how long?

*In every color there's the light.

In every stone sleeps a crystal.

Remember the Shaumen,

when he used to say

“Man is the dream of the Dolphin”

*Lyrics from song playing

Original by Lesa Gay


Aspiring Angel


Dolphins Dream



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Dolphins Dance At Sunrise