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I had never seen your face

Except within a picture made

Until you paid my life a visit

That brightened up my days

You found my patio to be your home

I found you always somewhere around

For days we studied each other's faces

A friendship of sorts I felt we'd found

Of course my husband laughed at me

But how many insects can seem to find a way to pray

I can use a lot of prayers you see

So from me you found Hector to be your name

I had decided today would be the day

I would bring you to a writing home

I had already picked a happy tune

And you were to be placed in a challenge

Titled 'Tickle My Funny Bone'

I ran to find my camera your exact image to be seen

You were sitting just beside me looking directly up at me

I noticed a little lizzard on the wall but he was far away

But when I returned with my camera he was carrying you away

So now there was to be no challenge entry for that day

Just a few simple lines now written

From someone who may have been half crazed

For who but myself could spend the day being haunted

By the vision of you being from me carried away

After all you were just an insect ...

Isn't that what the books all say

It was like you knew my voice

It was like you knew my face

You were almost like a small ET

Who was lost from outer space

So I leave but just a likeness of you upon my screen

Your silly little face that for some reason made me smile

I'd grab my coffee or my tea and we'd talk for a little while

Silly I know to feel a little alone

When the chair on my patio is now seen

October 17, 2013

I ran across your face today.

Dusted you off and brought you to a different writing home

The memory of you appearing each day on my wall

Still brings a smile


You know what my friends?

It really ISN'T EASY being green

I know .... I know ... LOL

First written

September 21, 2011


It Isn't Easy Being Green

Original by Lesa Gay


Aspiring Angel

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