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         “Forever Heart”
She lowered her heart,
On a piece of string,
Hoping to catch,
Some affection,
In the pool of love,
She was standing over.
She hasn’t had,
Any luck,
So far today,
In the last,
Just a couple of,
Little nibbles,
And a water logged,
Is all she has,
To show,
For her endeavors.
She pulls up,
The long sticky string,
And sees it’s,
Still there,
Firmly attached,
To the hook,
“Forever Heart” lure,
She has been using,
For the type,
Of affection,
She was trying,
To catch,
The easy going,
Well spoken,
Honest ones.
She looked in her,
Box of lures,
She thought about,
Using the,
“Girl Next Door” lure,
It had a wider appeal,
Then the “Forever Heart”,
But it was still,
Somewhat limited,
It also brought in,
A few more,
Then she wanted,
To have to,
Spend time de-hooking.
Or she could use her,
As seen on TV,
Never fail,
“Drunken Collage Co-Ed”,
With the,
“Little to No”,
“Social Moral Standards” 
Attachment lure.
It is 100% guaranteed,
Or your money back.
Only it’s like,
Throwing a grenade,
Into the pool of love,
In only 5-seconds,
You can choose from,
Whatever isn’t floating,
Belly up.
They seem to spoil,
By the end,
Of the night,
And there’s no,
Of finding one,
That is able to,
Hold up a conversion.
She wasn’t ready to,
Go to that kind of,
Anybody can hook,
She wanted a trophy,
Something she could,
Be proud of,
She wanted,
The catch of,
A life time.
So she checked,
To be sure,
Her “Forever Heart”
Was firmly on,
The hook,
And lowered her heart,
Back down,
Into the pool of love.
Maybe today,
Maybe tomorrow,
She’ll feel that tug,
On her heart,
And if the timing,
Is right,
And the lure,
Is true,
She might just,
Go home,
With two,
“Forever Hearts”
Instead of one…
Tom Allen…06-02-2017…