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You Taught Us To Say I Love You

 You Taught Us To Say I Love You

You taught us to say I love you
Within the music that plays here
Giving only the smallest of hints
Of what we would find
Left in your Daddy's chair

A simple note written by your hand
In words weighing heavy on your mind
We held them within our breaking hearts
How could we have allowed ourselves
To become so blind?

'Dad listen to this music
It holds so much of me and you
Am I the one that is completely wrong?
Is loving me really so hard to do?'

As we listened to this music's whisperings
Months of angry words between us
In moments were all erased

How could you think you were not loved?
Was it we that placed you within
This very dark and lonely place?

Here you stood our teenage daughter
In black capes and raven hair
A heart wishing for love and understanding
 We found placed upon Dad's chair

You opened our hearts to make us understand
How time was passing us all too quickly by
Yes we stood to be a family
But we were failing to recognize the why

We held a family meeting
Just between your Dad and me
We found the heartbreaking realization
That the words I love you even between ourselves
Was becoming times fewer and further between

From that day on I love you
Was heard with nights closing of each door
No matter if the day had been trying
Someone said I love you more

Here we are in the today
And you have a family of your own
 Though your life seems to be a constant struggle
I love you has never found its way to roam

Kenneth and his family are the same as we
No lack of these three small words
Is found within our family tree

Of all the lessons you have taught us
In the time that has been our own
You've brought us to never let a day go by
Without I love you Being spoken in our homes

Just before I say goodbye
I place a picture that is of you so true
Dedicated to you our beautiful daughter
That taught her family
To remember to always say

'I Love You'


Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel


February 2010


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You Taught Us To Say I Love You