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For- us -all-, it--really--really--really--goes -a --long,-- long,-- long,-- way, -and -helps -the -hurt -and --harmful--devastating--RESENT

We all, have hurtful, harmful, pasts --of--BAGGAGE--and--GARBAGE, --that --we --hurtfully--resentfully----and----, harmfully --hold --onto--uncomfortably-- FOREVER---and--KEEP
A little ENCOURAGEMENT, from another, helps a. Person, heal, , with their deep, troubles and strifes,--with---simple --kind --caring --thoughtful--loving--ENCOURAGEMENT--and---, will, touch --UPLIFT-- and--be--a--true---BLESSING----DEEP

Will, --HELP--to -LOVINGLY--BLESSEDLY--HEAL--and--HELP--any --a---HURT--and---ANY--and---ALL---A---HARM--or--DISCOURAGEMENT

Can and does --HEAL--, even the, deepest-- HURT--devastation,-- discouragement,-- and --HURTFUL---RESENT

To --all --others-- be --ENCOURAGING
In all and ---EVERYTHING, ---that you think, say, and do and PRAY, in --EVERYTHING, --EVERYTHING, --EVERYTHING, --to -all, --and --EVERYbODY,-- LOVE, -LOVE,- LOVE--beautifully, --joyously, --faithfully, --and--ABUNDAnTLY--consistently--naturally --and---to--ALL----BRING

Any and all, discouragement
Replace that ---BAD--TASTE---- with ---GOOD--TASTE--in---a--HURRY--with--,loving--, humble, --and --kind ---and--TRUE------great--great--great-----LOVING--LOVING--LOVING--beautiful---ENCOURAGEMENT

By john d jungers

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A little encouragement