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Only Words?

Only Words?


You are living now within my heart

Somehow I must bring you to life

You beg now to be released

To live upon a page

To tell a story

To share journeys

To bring hope

To live




Will be yours

Will you enchant

Will you show beauty

Upon blank page written

Will you be born to touch hearts

You are now but words within me

If I set you free will you touch souls


I leave my heart upon blank posting page

Written in form depending on my day

In truth a poet nor an angel

Do I claim to be

I am but the heart behind the face

Of Aspiring's image on your screen

My journeys have been long in life

Repeated circles time and time again

Self ... in evaluation

Heart's Songs' to share with friends

Living just beyond the shadows cast

Stepping from beyond her looking glass

Aspiring places the words of what has been

Living in the now ... avoiding shadows grin

A few words posted to a page

As truth in life the image fades

Into a time yet to be seen

Where words reach to find

The illusive dream

Lifetime lived ...

Lessons learned?

Words ....

Only words?

Original by Lesa Gay


Aspiring Angel

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Only Words?